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LEVEL 140 


All wire glitching to powered items including the defence turrets and all those street lights.

The water front greenhouse took some 800 glass resources to construct and the wires for the lighting are neatly hidden in the roof.

All vender shops were glitched into place and are top tier . Some are level 4 like the gunshop thanks to Smiling Larry.

The garages are locked with powered switches and the power armor stored in them are stored without the fusion core in them to prevent any enemy that might spawn into them from exploding the armor like a bomb.

The Minute Men have a small jail cell here and an artillery unit stationed here.


I am currently now using the DOLBY ATMOS APP on my XBOX ONE .

Sound Test Dolby Atmos 7.1 -9.1 4K HD (UHD)



Are you an XBOX ONE user ? Feel free to friend me ! GAMERTAG : TENBOW234105750