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Website: Youtube

About: I flop around Youtube and Alpha Coders. I don't have any other social media account. (I go under the same name in both)

Interests: I like watching anime, and a select few Youtubers. I like to mess around with video, audio, and images to make them look better/sound better/taste better. I like computers and cars (weird mix I know) and my overall goal is to have a good understanding of both. Another minor thing, if I finish a show, and I like it, I find at least 1 wallpaper based off the show and add it to a wallpaper cycle on my computer, which has... 296 wallpapers when I typed this. (I joined this site sometime in mid October of 2017)

Favorite Music: Like some rock, some songs I run into watching anime, and some other stuff i can't quite categorize.

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2 years ago

Image result for Happy Monday

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2 years ago

Image result for Gothic Betty Boop Happy Friday

Coffee makes it Perfect 🙂

Image result for Gothic woman and coffee

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2 years ago

Image result for monday meme images

Image result for Woman and Wolf images

Image result for Wolf and Woman Have a great week

2 years ago

Happy Friday, Time for the Friday Dance with few snow showers arriving later  🙂    🙂



Image result for Wishing you a wonderful weekend images

2 years ago

Image result for Valentine's Day Chocolate and wine

2 years ago

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2 years ago

Happy Friday and What A Great Way to Start It 😃 National Pizza Day - Woo Hoo 🙂

Image result for National Pizza Day Feb. 9 2018

Image result for Wishing you a Beautiful Weekend

Image result for Lovely Steampunk Woman

2 years ago

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Image result for Have a great week images

2 years ago

My computer was in the shop being fixed.  Seems my anti-virus got a virus - Go Figure?

Image result for Whatcha doing?

I won't be able to get to everything today but I will now that I have my computer back 🙂

Wishing You a Lovely Weekend♥

Image result for Happy Weekend Beautiful Fantasy Gothic Woman

2 years ago

Time for the Friday Dance

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Wishing You a Beautiful Weekend Also ❤

Image result for Lovely Fantasy Winter Woman animated gifs

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