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About: I'm enjoying all kind of wallpapers (arts, photographies) and especially Sci-Fi and Fantasy art.

Favorite Music: Classical: Holst, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Händel, Bach, Chopin, Saint-Saëns, Liszt, Debussy, Satie, Delibes, Mendelssohn, Haydn, Berlioz, Verdi, Tchaikovsky, Boccherini Score: Morricone, Zimmer, Shore, Jóhannsson, Guðnadóttir, Richter, Hurwitz, Sakamoto, Williams Orchestral (Epic Music): Two Steps From Hell (Thomas Bergersen, Nick Phoenix), Audiomachine, Immediate Music, Really Slow Motion, Mark Petrie Anime: Yasuharu Takanashi, Hiroyuki Sawano, Yuki Hayashi, Shoji Meguro

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9 hours ago

Yes, you are right and Liverpool won their game Saturday. :)   I heard they were partying too hard, can't say that I blame them lol

I also watched the 2 Bayern's Faceoff.  Wow!  Nuer is such a great goalie.   I definitely was all over the place this weekend between 4th of July Party and watching games inbetween.  That's what you call multitasking. ha!


3 days ago

I didn't have the heart to finish watching the Liverpool vs. Manchester City game yesterday as Liverpool was down 3 😯  I couldn't bear to watch it 😪

On a brighter note 


1 week ago

Oh Okay 😉


1 week ago

I enjoyed today's game and then the ceremony after the game.  I was so excited when each one of them lifted the winning disk, I don't know what they called it as I believe it had a  name.  To me it was the Trophy for Bayern Munich.  A very emotional ceremony and fun.  I will be going through that when Liverpool gets theirs. I will be emotionally drained and in much need of a 4th of July party Saturday. lol

Thursday will be a good one with Liverpool against Manchester City.  I was at the edge of my seat today when Manchester United played Norwich.  How much more can a woman take LOL

Ice Age GIF - Nervous IceAge Anxious GIFs

1 week ago

Okay this is getting ridiculous.....First i'm flipping between 2 games German and English Soccer now they are televising some Serie A games so 3 channels of soccer LOL  I'm in Soccer Heaven 😎  Bayern is playing really well and Levandowski really was on target Saturday.

Yesterday I became a Happy Camper when Chelsea beat Manchester City which meant Liverpool won the title.  

Hope you're all doing well and take care and stay healthy.  Seems the numbers are going back up in certain state in the USA that opened too soon and disregard wearing masks or social distancing.  See you on the field 😝


2 weeks ago

Been enjoying the Bundesliga games and now Premier League is back so i'll be going back and forth between both. 👀

Take Care & Stay Healthy my friend🙂


1 month ago


1 month ago

Wow I see Geroge Floyd's death in the USA by police men have reached Germany as well as Sancho of the Dormund team wore a shirt protesting and other parts of Europe.  

It was a horrendous act by the police officer and his comrads and haters are going to hate no matter what.  They should not be in those positions if they are prejudice.  It's happening too many times in the USA ....Sad....😥

I did enjoy the games this weekend.  La Liga starts mid June as well but I don't get that channel anymore.   I'm going to be flipping channels as Bundesliga and Premier play at the same time.  I do like Dormund, Bayern and Leipzig and starting to like Glad....something as well 😉


Wishing You a Lovely Healthy Week ♥


1 month ago

Wow! What a slaughter 5-0 (I think that was the final score with Bayern)  I watched until 5-0 and figured it was over but then I tuned in once more and the score was the same.  I thought it was a fast moving game in the 1st half. 👍

Have a good one my friend🙂

1 month ago

The Amish speak Penn. Dutch among themselves but they speak English well.  There is no way to learn Pennsylvania Dutch as each region has it's own dialect.  You may say Wilkum and another region pronounces it Wilkom.  Minor things but there is no written book on the language.  They are interesting, always hard working and they take pride in their work (meaning they do an excellent job) although they are not prideful at all.  I have learned a lot about them over the years.  Thank you for your help and that I can call upon you if the need arises, I appreciate your kindness.

We Made It, Happy Friday😎


A Lovely Safe, Healthy Weekend to You and Yours💜


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