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| MMD | Marine Dreamin' | TDA Sailors |

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Submitted by Nipless
Author Comment:

~ Credit ~

I AM SORRY THAT THE LINKS DON'T WORK. But I'm not sure if I'm allowed to give any of these out, because I assume the creators took away the download for a reason. Sorry. :/

☆ Model ☆

TDA Sailors by TDA and akkarin-rurika
Download -

☆ Motions ☆

Marine Dreamin' by Wakamura-P (Choreography: Kumiko)

Hand and face by KamalooLlama
Download -

☆ Stages ☆

tk-grid floor by touko-p ?


☆ Effects ☆


☆ Music ☆

Marine Dreamin' by Hachioji-P

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